Update–What Have I Been Up To!

Alright. I realize that it has been upwards of 1 week since I last posted. A couple of really cool things have popped up that have demanded some attention in addition to the usual work-y related stuff.


The corporate environment I work in has a desperate need for some mass storage… especially in the VM environment. We had tried using some fairly low-level storage devices (names of which I will not bring up on this post) for about 1 year. But, the fact of the matter is that they could not keep up with the demand we needed from them. Plus, their feature set was massively lacking. So, making future investments in these products did not really make sense.

So, now that we had the admission that the previous direction was not preferred, we were able to go down the road and look for more Enterprise SAN vendors. Enter EMC. Of the vendors we spoke with, EMC provided the best options for us (feature set, capacity, and integrations with our vSphere environment). The check was signed and submitted, and about 3 weeks later, I was at our datacenter unpacking the SAN!

This is my first experience with a true enterprise storage solution… and man, how crazy is this!? I love this device, but the learning curve is fairly high. The most frustrating part to contend with is organization of the data. Now, we have a device that is so smart that we need to smarten up how we organize our data!

Guest Lecture

Get this… I am going to be a guest lecturer at my alma mater! In about 1.5 weeks, I will be presenting a primer/intro on virtualization! With virtualization becoming as massive and important as it has been, I felt that the students needed some sneek-peak into the real world. So, I reached out to the department chair of the University and asked if I could come and talk. Sure enough, he said ‘Yes’. So, now I am spending my quality time trying to come up with the presentation, content, and examples to show to the attendees. I am super excited about it… and super nervous. Talk about butterflies!

So, that is what I have been up to. I am hoping to have a posting on enterprise storage, Celerra plugin to vSphere Client, or something else nice, juicy, and ripe for the eating/reading.