Taking The Next Step

For the past 9 years, I have had the privilege of working for a fast growing, dynamic, and fun environment. I started as a summer intern and worked hard to assume full design and implementation for all IT infrastructure. I was provided with experiences I never would have thought possible… including significant travels in Asia. Management fostered an environment in which I could grow personally, as an IT professional, and in my blogging/social media life. 

However, sometime earlier this year, I was approached with another opportunity by an outside group. The opportunity provided was significant and very appealing… tugging at my virtualization heart-strings. Suddenly, I was put into a position where I really needed to decide which direction I wanted to take my IT career. Continue on the IT generalist route (broad and deep in a handful of areas) or specialize more in virtualization (narrow but significantly deeper in the virtualization core pillars). 

After much debate, list making, and lost sleep, I decided to take a risk and accept the offer for the new position. 

Leaving my post at a company I have grown with and that has grown with me was tremendously difficult. The company fostered a family-like environment and I genuinely like everyone I work with. The company is full of rock stars and growing like a weed (but, a good weed that will turn into something cool in the future). But, I would be remiss to not take advantage of this new opportunity. 

The new opportunity puts me into a Senior role working with a truly enterprise-level environment… at a scale that is just mind boggling (almost 2 physical servers for every 1 employee at my former employer) The prospect of the position is exciting and I cannot wait to start there. Plus, I am going to be working in close proximity to some VMware/virtualization rock stars (a couple blocks apart) and one of my fellow PDX VMUG leaders. 

I am really going to miss my former employer and opportunities there, though. This is just a blip on their radar. I am positive the IT department is going to step up and make the infrastructure their own, just like I feel I was able to while there. But, I look forward to meeting everyone at the new job and getting deeper and dirtier into VMware virtualization!


PS – I apologize for the vague-ness of the post. However, I try and make a point of not calling out my employer on my blog… which the old company and new company appreciate. So, I hope you were able to follow along. 🙂