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Virtual Bill – Status Update

Back in May 2013, I composed my most recent post… something about career clarity, how I love being a generalist, and how I love being back… back from whence I came.

I cannot believe it has been about 2.5 years since my last post. Seriously. What the heck happened?

With all honesty…

1) I have been devoured by work, family, and spinning plates. Expanding family, architect role, company exploding with growth (and all the growing pains that come with it). I have not been too sure about where to find the time to write with consistency and quality.

2) Migration from virtualization. My focus for many years was around virtualization and VMware, specifically. Wherever those areas intersected technology was fair game. Occasionally, I would dabble in other areas. But, only areas in which I felt some level of command over the information versus just being a dude with an opinion. With my role in the company, I just could not apply the same level of focus to Virtualization as before. I tried to keep up, but it just was not in the cards.

3) What is my purpose on the Internets? Again… with a focus on virtualization and other areas as exposed, it made sense. But, as I have evolved in my career, I began to question it.

So… I am back… Virtual Bill is back. What does that mean? Well… I’d like you to follow along the journey with me. There may be content about virtualization (ah… my home away from home), infrastructure (storage, network, WAN, whatever), security, cloud, project management, engineering, architecture, processes/walkthroughs, dealing with the business, or anything else that tickles my fancy. Plus, I like to help.

I realize I may have disappeared from some of the communities out there (TechFieldDay/GestaltIT, VMUG, etc…) and I apologize for that. I hope to re-enter some areas, enter new areas, or even create new areas if it makes sense.

At the end of the day, I am still a generalist… I just have different perspectives than 2.5 years ago.

So… if you’re reading this… thanks for following me, reading the 0’s and 1’s of my thoughts, and coming along with me.

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