At the end of 2011, Tintri approached me to participate in their developing blogging movement at blog.tintri.com.

The appealing part to my participation is that the blogging effort is not directed towards focus or emphasis on Tintri as a company or the products they offer. Rather, the emphasis is on developing a meaningful community around the virtualization ecosystem. If I never mention Tintri in a single post, that is alright as long as I am providing meaningful content that the virtualization community finds useful and valuable.

Additionally, I am being paid for my efforts, which is greatly appreciated.

Disclosure is important for work like this because I am also affiliated with the Tech Field Day events and it is possible my TFD path will cross with Tintri… So, I want to make my relationship with Tintri clear ahead of any path-crossing that may happen in the future.

I would like to take a moment to thank Tintri for reaching out to me… I really appreciate it.


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