Where are all the Apps?!

Alright… I bit the bullet. It should be no surprise that a geeky dude went out and purchased a new iPad 2. Maybe the shocking part is just how long it took me to get one. Priorities, priorities, priorities.

Since getting said tablet device, I have been doing what every new owner does… GET APPS! But, I am quite shocked about the selection of applications out there. Various counts of applications available in the App Store are quite shocking. (insert some values here). But, it is the applications that are missing that are really interesting.

– Skype — a Skype app exists for the iPhone and can be downloaded to run on the iPad. However, they do not have a version of an application native to the iPad.

– Facebook — first off, I gotta say that I am not too keen on utilizing Facebook for much of anything. So, i was unaware of the missing app for the iPad. The situation was brought to my attention via a Tweet from @matthickson ‘Facebook app for iPad reportedly coming ‘in weeks”. Sho’nuff, an app from Facebook, Inc. only exists for the iPhone platform.

– Qik — Qik provides a very popular video chat service for the iPhone platform. However, there is no option for iPad. On top of that, Qik appears to have been purchased by Skype. So, i guess it should come as no surprise that it does not have an iPad version yet.

The lack of these apps existing for the iPad are of little consequence to me. I have made it this far without having them installed and I am not concerned about their timeline. But, the bigger issue is that companies, such as Skype and Facebook, are making little effort to take advantage of what is considered to be the dominant tablet platform on the market to date. Looking through the App Store, there is no shortage of what I would consider to be crap-ware. If the world of developers can throw together an ecosystem of applications in the magnitude of thousands, how can the major service vendors not have brought anything to the table yet?!

Tablet devices continue to be a nice to have and not a need to have. They represent a kitschy technology product but their long-term usage and viability are yet to be seen. So, I cannot fault the vendors from focusing on the mobile platforms first. But, passing on the market leader just does not make sense to me.


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  1. There are some apps missing / coming soon, but if you are looking for a few good apps check with @brandoncarroll he was quite helpful


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