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Scripting: PowerCLI–Adding New Datastore

Recently, I came up with a need to add a new NFS datastore to one of our datacenter clusters. The NFS location holds our ISOs for VM building. The cluster is not huge by any means, but I thought it would be worth taking the time to script it out.

In the name of community, sharing, and helping people out, I present… My script!

# Connect to your vCenter instance $vcenter = Connect-VIServer -Server vcenter.domain.local -User Administrator -Password supersecretadminpassword # Connect to the proper cluster managed by vCenter $cluster = Get-Cluster CluserName # Get the hosts inside of the specific cluster $clusterhosts = $cluster | Get-VMHost # Iterate through the group of VM hosts and perform an action on each host # In this example, we will be adding a new datastore foreach ($esxhost in $clusterhosts) { # Create the new datastore on the ESX/ESXi host. New-Datastore -VMhost $esxhost -Name "ISOStore2" -Path "/mnt/isostore" -Nfs -NfsHost nfsserver.domain.local -ReadOnly } #Disconnect the open session from the vCenter server Disconnect-VIServer -Server $vcenter

While I know this may seem a little basic, the fact is that it provides a great start for some PowerCLI scripting and may save you some time in connecting the datastores to the cluster hosts like it did for me.

Happy scripting!

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