Tech Field Day 5–Delegate!

You know, I have to believe I am driving my friends a little crazy. All too often, the usual “Hey… what’s new?!” question is posed. The usual canned responses include “same ol’, same ol’” or "Not a whole lot”. However, the for the past couple of weeks, that response has changed. Now, it has morphed into:

  • Friend: What’s new?!
  • Me: Getting ready for San Jose…
  • Friend: San Jose? What’s going on in San Jose?
  • Me: Tech Field Day. I have this blog online…
  • Friend: <Interrupting> You… have a blog? What do you write about?
  • Me: Geeky tech/worky stuff. Just search for “Virtual Bill” online. Anyways… this group, Gestalt IT, seems to like what I am doing and invited me to San Jose last year for the same event. Tech Field Day gathers various Enterprise Technology companies together and present information to a small group of fellow delegates.
  • Friend: Delegates? That sounds pretty elite.
  • Me: Elite? Not quite. Super cool? Absolutely!
  • Me: For whatever reason, they asked me back for Tech Field Day #5. How cool is that?

I cannot state enough how honored I am to be selected to be a delegate for Tech Field Day #5. The group of people I am included with is just amazing. I have been an avid reader and consumer of the content these people create and influence. Now, I am included in a group with them. Talk about setting the bar high!

This go-around includes:

Sean Clark @vSeanClark
Jeff Fry FryGuy’s Blog @FryGuy_PA
Robin Harris StorageMojo @StorageMojo
Tom Hollingsworth The Networking Nerd @NetworkingNerd
Matthew Norwood Network Therapy @MatthewNorwood
Devang Panchigar StorageNerve @StorageNerve
W. Curtis Preston Backup Central @WCPreston
Maish Saidel-Keesing Technodrone @MaishSK
Eric Seibert vSphere-Land @EricSeibert
Greg Stuart vDestination  
Chris Wells vSamurai @wygtya
Stephen Foskett Pack Rat
Claire Chaplais   @cchaplais

I just finished a book last evening, The Lost Symbol (by Dan Brown). Towards the end of the book, I read a great passage that is very applicable:

… two heads are better than one… and yet two heads are not twice better, they are many, many time better. Multiple minds working in unison magnify a thought’s effect…”

– The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown

The thoughts that come from Tech Field Day groups are incredible. I was absolutely in awe at what I took from Tech Field Day #4 and I expect as much this time.

To the Tech Field Day #5 delegates: I look forward to meeting all of you! This is a fantastic group of people to be included with. This is going to be awesome!

Tech Field Day is going to be very accessible for people outside of the delegate group. You can stay up to date with what is going on by living on the Tech Field Day #5 page. This will be your home for everything Tech Field Day, including links to blogs, vendor sites, and the live video stream. Additionally, you can follow along in with Twitter: @TechFieldDay  #TechFieldDay and a list of delegates at:


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