Tech Field Day–San Jose 2010

Hard to believe that Gestalt IT’s Tech Field Day (or #TechFieldDay for you Twitter folks) is just around the corner and I am still reeling from the fact that:

a) I was added as a contributing author to Gestalt IT


b) I am a delegate for the Tech Field Day event.

Seriously. How cool is this!? Wicked cool!

One of the primary tenants behind Gestalt IT is that the technology industry is full of some amazing people that have skills and knowledge in various markets. Individually, these are some talented people. However, combine these people into a group and, suddenly, the whole group is that much more knowledgeable… “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

Tech Field Day takes the independent and community based nature of the Gestalt IT group to a whole new level. The FAQ on’s Field Day page sums it up the best

We were inspired by similar events, but came away wanting something more community-oriented. Hosting a community Field Day just seemed like a natural progression for the Gestalt IT concept, and we had the right connections and contacts to make it happen. We’re pretty happy with the results so far!

If there is something I have learned a lot about recently… it is the value of the community. The Virtualization community I participate in is fantastic. VMware has done an amazing job fostering a community around their business and products. However, more than that, though, the network of people I have come to know is amazing. We all come from different fields, but we all have something to contribute to the greater community.

This is why I love the principles behind Gestalt IT and I really appreciate being included as an author on the site and a delegate for the Tech Field Day in San Jose, CA on November 11-12.

I have seen a listing of the sponsors that are lined up (well… most of them) and, while a couple are new names to me, I am absolutely stoked to see and hear what they have to say.

Even more so, though, I am really looking forward to meeting my fellow delegates:

Edward Aractingi @EAractingi Edward’s Blog
Brandon Carroll @BrandonCarroll GlobalConfig
Chris Dearden @ChrisDearden J.F.V.I
Robin Harris @StorageMojo StorageMojo
Storage Bits
Paul Miller @PaulMiller Cloud of Data
Frank Owen @FOwen TechVirtuoso
Jon Owings @2vcps Jon Owings Blog
Derek Schauland @WebJunkie Technically Speaking
Matt Simmons @StandaloneSA Standalone Sysadmin
Server Fault
Stephen Foskett @SFoskett Gestalt IT
Stephen Foskett, Pack Rat

So, now it is T-minus 6 days until I leave for San Jose, and it cannot come quick enough.

Maybe a sponsor will be talking about Fibre Channel over Token Ring! 🙂


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