Interview – Pablo Roesch – VMware Technology Exchange – 2010

Over the past couple of months, I have had the wonderful privilege to work with Pablo Roesch, VMware – Product Manager for vSphere SDKs / CLIs. Pablo was KEY in organizing the VMware Technology Exchange at VMworld 2010 in San Francisco and is running the same program at the upcoming VMworld Europse 2010 in Copenhagen.

Recently, I was able to ask Pablo some questions regarding Technology Exchange. Check it out!

Pablo Roesch
Product Marketing Manager for the vSphere SDKs / CLIs

VB – What is your role at VMware?

PR – I am the Product Marketing Manager for the vSphere SDKs / CLIs. With regards to events I wanted to point out that our key events is the VMware Technology Exchange held twice per year. This is a very important event for us as this is an opportunity for our customers and partners come and learn about what is new in the world of APIs for vSphere, and vClouds.

What makes this event different than most VMware events is that our content is focused on APIs. We have Sr engineers presenting deep technical topics for engineers.

Two things are readers should know the vSphere APIs.

1. The vSphere APIs allow you to the same things you can do with the vSphere Client (this creates a lot of opportunities for automating the management of vSphere)

2. The vSphere API serve two different user base The first the Software Developers looking to dive deep in the code. The second our vSphere Administrators looking to automate things just in time with out having to be a programmer (PowerCLI is one of our most popular CLIs with our Administrators)


VB – Do you have any comments on the Tech Exchange Day in general?

PR – Technology Exchange has been around for over 3 years. When I first started the sessions were limited to TAP partners but over time and after many customer requests we opened up the content to end users customers. Every year we improve on the event so please keep sending us feedback.


VB – As far as sessions were concerned, are you able to deduce which one(s) had the best attendance and feedback?

PR – Some of the most popular sessions where around Best Practices when using the vSphere Web Services SDK, Performance Monitoring, and the vCloud APIs. There was a lot of interest on the new topics for Application Developers (Application Developers have very different interests than Infrastructure Developers)


VB – How many people signed up and attended Tech Exchange Day?

PR – Our shows are small by design. We like to keep them so as they allow time for interaction between our customers, partners, Product Managers and Engineering teams. We had close to 300 developers representing all industries, and sizes. We had the name brands we use everyday as well as the up and coming developers. Its always amazing seeing the innovation.


VB – What was the approximate mix between customer vs. partner? Developer vs. admin?

PR – Most of our content appeals to software developers working on the vSphere Infrastructure so the mix was higher towards this audience. We did have a few sessions that we should have tailored more for our vSphere Admins – One that comes to mind was the one on vSphere Events and Alarms – this is also a topic of great interest as our administrators like to customize the Alarms and Events – just another example of how powerful the vSphere API is.


VB – Knowing what you know now about the Tech Exchange Day, what would you want to change (for the good and the bad)?

PR – I think next year we will be a Track within VMworld – this means that anyone that has purchased a VMworld Pass will automatically get in. This would take away the registration headaches and make things simpler for our speakers. Nothing has been finalized but please do send us your comments.


VB – Can VMworld Europe expect Tech Day in Copenhagen?

PR – Copenhagen will be the first time we have this content overseas. We do know that about half of our downloads come from across the pond and we look forward to meeting our developers. Event will be one day only and we will have some key sessions.


VB – How were the sessions organized? (ex: APIs, Performance, ESX Structure, etc…)

PR – We had two tracks, one dedicated to Private / Public Clouds (vSphere, vCloud) and the other Track dedicated to Application Developers SpringSource, Zimbra. We even had some very cutting edge sessions as well around Gemfire.


VB – Where can the attendees expect to find the material once they get home… assuming they did not win the iPad?

PR – Our attendees will receive an email with information about how to get their vSphere License, and Presentations PDF, Recording from event. Email should be going out soon.


VB – Were there any special events and/or keynotes for Tech Exchange Day attendees? If so, how come you did not tell me? 🙂

PR – We had a pretty intense day and combined our parties with the VMworld Parties – so you did not miss out on the any activities.


VB – Any comments on what VMworld Europe Tech Exchange Day attendees can expect?

PR – Tech Exchange Copenhagen – Attendees will also get a chance to win the iPad, Free License and access to the PDFs, and Recordings from event.


VB – Who came up with the instructions on how to properly fold a poster?

PR – I did, we also thought it would be fun to have an Origami instructions but then the poster would not be very useful. We do have a funny story about the folding instructions. Our PowerCLI demo was not going to well due to some unforeseen events and the big joke Sunday night was that the only demo at the booth that was going to work was us folding the posters. In the end the guys came through and the demos worked great.


VB – Which direction would you like to take Tech Exchange Day in the future? Separate conference? Entire week? Incorporate into VMworld proper? More/Less sessions?

PR – I think I answered this up above. I think you as a reader should spend a few minutes looking at our sessions and tell us what you would like to see. Here are some of the sessions our readers asked for and we delivered. ESX Device Drivers, War Stories from SDK Dev Support Team, Property Collector, Best Practices the list goes on… My point is this. If you are interested in pushing vSphere to its limits and want to use our APIs and CLIs attend our event.


VB – VMware has relatively few developers when compared to standard product users. Do you see that changing in the future?

PR – I think people should realize that our big partners have been creating solutions for vSphere for many years as well as our Enterprise customers building their own solutions using our APIs. We are very happy with the size of our Developer population. Folks might also remember that we just purchased a company with over 2M Java Developers (SpringSource) I think we are talking about two very different user types here. The Infrastructure Developers / Admin (vSphere APIs / CLI / PowerCLI and the Application Developers. (SpringSource, Zimbra)


VB – Did you have any sessions surrounding SpringSource, or is that being addressed in the SpringSource conference?

PR – Yes, of course we had some of the very best sessions on SpringSource, Clouds and Zimbra. Don’t tell me you did not attend our event 😦 We also encourage any Java developer out there to check out the next SpringSource conference.


VB – Are you able to catch up on sleep yet?

PR – I cant work when I sleep.


VB – Anything else you would like to add?

PR – Thanks for this opportunity. We are very big supporters of the VMUGs and encourage any leaders out there to reach out to us if they need speakers around PowerCLI, Migrating to ESXi and using the SDKs / APIs to build custom solutions. Yes Bill we would love to come back to Portland – I was thinking we do more PowerCLI Sessions and ESXi ? Let us know and thanks again for this opportunity.

vSphere Admins and Developers keep up with latest information..

vSphere PowerCLI

VMware Developer


Pablo… thank you very much for the time to answer my rigorous questions and good luck with Tech Exchange Copenhagen!

Pablo is very active online. You can find him:


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