VMUG Re-Organization – Additional Thoughts and Experiences

So… as one of my original posts to the Virutal Bill blog during VMworld 2010 (SFO), I commented on what I took away from the VMUG lunch. Please feel free to read that entry at your leisure.

However, I have recently been called to assist in setting up the PDXVMUG November all day conference (save the date – November 2nd, 2010). During a call today, I found out that the Master VMUG entity is playing banker for this event. For example: there is a need for us to have Golf Shirts, Pens, and Notebooks to hand out. No surprise there. However, each need listed needed to be run by the treasurer for the VMUG entity before we could actually purchase the goods.

Additionally, we have a bunch of sponsors that are considered to be “multi-event” sponsors. So, they have signed up to sponsor multiple VMUG events around the country, not just Portland.

The meeting today really showed me two things:

– Positive: By the Master VMUG entity managing the events from their post, we have access to higher level sponsors that visit multiple VMUG events!

– Negative: We need to get approval to get pens and notebooks for the attendees. Hmmm…

I am still not sold on the idea yet, but I am definitely keeping an open mind about it and I am hoping for the best. This will be the first event in PDX that is influenced by the entity. So, lets hope for good things.

If you have any comments or thoughts from your side regarding the VMUG entity, please let me know (I have a comments section on this here blog for a reason). 🙂


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