VMworld 2010 – What Does A Golden Ticket Get You?!

Alright… One perk to my awesome tour of the lab environment was that I was the lucky recipient of a Golden Ticket. For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about or was not in attendance at the final General Session this morning, let me explain.

The Golden Ticket was a surprise prize for doing all kinds of things at VMworld 2010. I received my Golden Ticket after the interview in the VMworld Lab. Some people around me received their tickets for:

  • Asking a question to someone in the Information booth
  • Finding John Troyer somewhere in the Moscone campus
  • GeoCache style
  • Being cornered by the lab architect at the VMworld party and given one
  • etc…

Around 200 tickets were handed out to us lucky recipients. However, no one really knew that they entitled us to… just show up for priority seating to the General Session. So, show up we did. I found myself sitting in the third row (behind one row of fellow Golden Ticket holders and the presenters themselves).

At the beginning of the session, we were told that the Golden Ticket would not be announced yet… but, just wait.

The presentations during the General Session were really neat… and had absolutely nothing to do with VMware… which was alright. Instead, we were presented with 3 differing views of how we, as humans, can/may expect to interact with out digital world.

Low and behold, at the end of the presentations, the Golden Ticket holders were informed that their prize was an Emotiv EPOC Headset (please see Emotiv’s Web Site).

Due to inventory issues, (specifically, they only brought 100 and I was #110), I will be receiving my device in the mail in 6-8 weeks.

So… get this, I got a freeking brain scanner for attending VMworld. How sweet is that?! Sadly, I did hear some people grumbling about the prize not being an iPad. Really!? Cmon folks… don’t you realize the significance of this? This device is amazing. While you may not have an immediate need, please play with it and marvel over what it can accomplish for a very reasonable price point. Plus, just be appreciative that you walked away with something cool. Show a little class, thank you very much. I, for one, am very appreciative for the chance to get a Golden Ticket and for the awesome EPOC. I cannot wait to open it up and play with it.


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