VMworld 2010 – Labs – Monumental Day

Today was a monumental day… and, amazingly, I was there for 2 of the 3 big happenings!

100,000 Virtual Machine Deployed

Per Irish, the 100,000th VM was deployed to someone (I never did ask for the person’s name) running the View 4.5 Installation lab. They received a golden ticket as well as a cool mug.

All 30 Labs Completed

Randomly, while talking with Irish, Mr. Ron Davis (@ronsdavis for those Twitter fans) approached us and let us know that he had completed all of the labs. He is, officially, the first person to complete all labs this year! Ron would be returning later for a little more formal recognition, interviews, etc…


11,000 Labs Completed

On, what appeared to be the way out at the time, Irish received notice that the Lab was almost at 11,000 labs completed. I stuck around and I was able to see that monumental moment. Plus Irish introduced me over the sound system and I awarded the prize to Mr. Kirk <cough_cough_cough> (sorry, I forgot your last name) (wamp wamp wamp). Mr. Kirk won a rubber chicken, a mug, and a golden ticket! The 11,000th lab was vSphere Performance and Tuning.

IMG_20100901_153252 IMG_20100901_153035

I know the picture on the right may be difficult to see… but, the thermometer is over 11,000 Labs completed.


Congratulations, VMworld 2010 Lab crew, for such awesome results! All of the other targets are well on their way to being smashed!


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