VMworld 2010 – Day 2

Today was an awesome day. For sure.

My blogger credentials have given me access to some new areas that have enhanced the VMworld experience this year. The lines for the sessions remain an issue… and are still very frustrating. However, I am comforted in knowing that the content is made available online after the conference. So, I still get access to the information, which is great. Instead, I am enhancing my experience in other ways.

This morning, I was lucky enough to get the front and center blogger seat for the key note. Never mind the fact that Mr. Tall Dude decided to sit in front me… apparently, front and center the row in front of me was a very appealing proposition as well.

The location in the keynote was awesome as I hate great view of the action and got some great pictures. The highlight, though, was that Steve Herrold stopped by the blogger area right before the keynote. It is nice to see a fairly low-key executive working for VMware. I even got a good picture of him!


Plus, I met some really cool fellow bloggers around me. For those Spanish speakers, check out Jose Maria Gonzalez’s Blog (www.josemariagonzales.es).

After the keynote session, I was lucky enough to have access to the press briefings… typically a very restricted area. I caught the tail end of Paul Maritz’s Post Keynote QA session, which was really great. The press in attendance asked some really good and pointed questions  about the direction of VMware.

The briefing I was looking forward to was the End User Computing session. While the attendance was less, the content was awesome. The presenters dove deeper into the VMware view (not View) of what the user experience is going to need to look like… which definitely involves the Project Horizon initiative. Details into security and deployment were provided and explained more into how the technology will be used. I am really looking forward to seeing where this is going to go in the future.

I spent the rest of the day in the blogger lounge and walking through the solution exchange. I was able to  have some really in depth conversations with EMC, IBM, and hosting.com which was awesome. I feel good about the recent decisions we have made!

The remainder of my evening is consumed by a couple parties. Specifically, VMware West Region and VEEAM (even got my bracelet ahead of time).

Tomorrow looks to be another good day. There are a couple sessions I would like to get to. But, the labs are calling my name too. SRM and the Sandbox are calling my name. Plus, a little PowerCLI would not be a bad thing either.


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