VMUG Re-Organization

If you have not heard, yet, the VMware User Group (VMUG) organization has been recomposed. Previously, each local VMUG was an independent entity. However, due to many reasons, the decision was made to create an overseeing entity that helps organize and coordinate VMUG operations.

To be completely honest, I am a little confused as to the necessity for this… I hope that the true value to the new entity will become more evident sooner rather than later.

The new entity is managed by a group of volunteers… selected from VMUG leaders across the US.

On Monday, a VMUG lunch took place in which the entity was formally introduced. The president of the group, Mariano Maluf, gave an alright presentation and speech. However, I was left with gaps in what the group will actually accomplish.

Some notes from the presentation include:

  • 50,000 User Group Members
  • 200 leaders
  • 21 full day conference events with 12,000+ attendees
  • Surveys are used to help determine where more value can be provided by being a member of a VMUG. Results include:
    • Networking
    • Training and Training Discounts
    • VMware product updates
  • Other benefits requested include:
    • Certification discounts
    • VMworld discounts
  • 16,000+ people attending VMworld. Only 2,000 are VMUG members
  • Looking to integrate international VMUGs with domestic VMUGs

Everything that he said is fine and good. However, I really need to see how it impacts what happens in the PDX VMUG. The November all day conference is going to be a telling event. Speaking with the VMUG leaders about the logistics of the event, the new integration with VMware / Global VMUG is going to be interesting.

I truly believe that there is value in the VMUG community. I feel like a global entity may be able to leverage the entire community to get some neat opportunities for presentations and benefits for the members. I absolutely do not want to see the entity take over or hinder the operation of the VMUGs as that will cause some major issues to contend with and potentially cause loss of leadership and membership.


One Comment

  1. As part of the Chicago VMUG I’ve been wondering if we would get any clear answers as to what they plan to offer. I hope they will be there to assist as needed and not hinder the groups.


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