VMworld 2010 – Day 1

Hard to believe that VMworld has finally landed. Boy, has it been interesting. Both good and bad. Although, first day issues happen.


The sessions have been very… well… interesting.

The content has been exciting to read about. However, I was only able to attend 1 of the 5 sessions I was aiming to attend. On the positive side, the session was THE one I wanted to see today.

The issue was the lines. Holy mother of (anyone)… the lines have been absolutely crazy. Seriously, picture the longest line you have ever seen… and double it :-). OK, that is probably quite an exaggeration, but that is what I felt. On 3 separate occasions, I stood in line and was rejected (wamp wamp wamp). The biggest issue with that is that I missed out on getting into another session. People are seriously waiting 45+ minutes in advance to get into the sessions. I have a hard time swallowing that pill. Plus, do this math:

  • Sessions are 1 hour
  • 30 minutes passing time to get to your next session
  • 45 minute wait per session
  • = by attending a session, you are about 15 minutes too late for the next one.

From what I have heard, the turnout for the today was actually unexpected. This is the first time VMworld has run on a Monday. From an attendance perspective, I think this is great. From an attendee perspective, very frustrating.

However, VMworld still has things to do… if you miss a session, there is still a lab you can attend (nice segue), right?!


Since I had plenty of free time today, I thought I should spend it doing some labs. (Look for a separate lab write-up soon). The turnout has been awesome. There have been a couple hiccups in network performance (meh… 480 labs… it may happen). But, the information I got out of the labs was incredible. Right now, I feel like I could spin up a wicked cool View / ThinApp environment. The guides and information have been incredible.

I feel like the number of workstations combined with the 1:30 limit per lab has created an excellent turnover… which ensures that people are always coming and going.

Plus… there was a Paul Martiz sighting in the labs too… picture to follow!

I hate to leave you hanging… but, I am going to address the specific labs I took in a little more detail later on.

Solution Exchange (aka – Run Around And Get Free Things time)

As usual, the opening of the solutions exchange was crazy.

I was number 2 or 3 to winning a Flip camera. Oh well… I did not feel the need to sprint anywhere while the guy that won was out of breath. Good for him.

The crowd was immense… which is awesome. However, it is difficult to get anywhere! Multiply that by the fact that I am not a petite guy, and it is a little more challenging.

However, I was able to have some meaningful conversations with vendors, which was awesome! I am looking forward to the Solution Exchange later this week for when I can actually meet the vendors and have more in depth discussions without having to worry about people scanning my badges, pushing papers and t-shirts into my hands, and bumping into people.


Today was a good day. Frustrating… but, it is VMworld… so, it has to be a good day.

Look for some lab details later on!


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