Marinating In Everything VMworld

So here I am … just living the life, sitting in the 99.5% empty airport gate for my flight to SFO! There is another dude hanging out, watching the planes land. Getting to the airport early has its advantages and disadvantages.

So, I figure that while I am waiting for the plane to swoop in and whisk me away, I should connect to the free Wi-Fi (gotta love PDX) and review everything going on with via the VMworld website.

As I browse through the site, I find myself returning to the Labs! I loved the Labs from last year. I think I went through almost all of them (except for SRM) and I came away with so much information!

This year, the lab offerings look spectacular! Plus… if you take a step back, look at some of the published statistics on the labs:

  • Support 480 simultaneous Lab sessions!
  • 30 Lab Topics
  • 75,000+ man hours in Lab creation and development
  • 100 Subject matter experts floating around

Plus, there is one little gimmick that I glossed over the first time around… “Here are  just some of the Labs we can tell you about right now. Others will be revealed at the conference.”!!! I am very excited to hear about what the others are going to entail. There are some rumors about announcements at VMworld. I hope some are true and that we get to get our hands on some really cool stuff during the labs.

While I love to see everything that VMware has to offer, I will need to spend some time focusing on what my Company needs are (gotta pay the bills, right?!). So, I am going to focus on hitting the following labs:

  • LAB03 – ThinApp 4.6
  • LAB11 and LAB 12 – SRM Install & Config and Extended Config & Troubleshooting (respectively)
  • LAB26 – PowerCLI
  • LAB04 – SpringSource – Hyperic and tc Server

Did you notice how LAB01 and LAB02 are missing from the list? Perhaps they are yet to be announced! Honestly, I would love if LABs 31 – 50 were missing instead (20 more labs would be great)!

At this rate, I don’t think there is going to be anyone on my flight. Maybe I’ll get to sit in 1st class because it is empty! Hardly! Economy, here I come! Next stop SFO!


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