VMworld 2010 – Session You Gotta Catch – TA8129

Alright… call me biased (“Hi Biased!”), but I am really looking forward to catching the TA8129 session at VMworld.

You see… back on August 4th, the PDX VMUG led “Performance Lab – 2010”. While the lab infrastructure and logistics were handled by the VMUG, the content for the presentations and lab was provided by VMware rockstars: Balaji Parimi and Ravi Soundararajan (go Steelers, I guess).

Conceptually, the attendees were shown how to identify bottlenecks in their environment, the tools and methods used to diagnose the issue, and possible ways to think about resolving the issue (remember that all issues and environments are different. There is no one best way to fix every problem). The labs took the concept to the next level and actually showed real live views of what the presentations showed. Plus, a couple neat tools Balaji is developing that I was drooling over!

At the end of the Performance Lab, Ravi commented that what they just ran through was going to be used in VMworld. They found a couple rough spots and decided to polish them up in time for the event.

I was floored by the presentation. At VMworld 2009, I sat in on an Advanced Performance Lab, which was AWESOME! So, when I saw the Performance Lab was very similar, I was stoked! Now that I know the very same presentation from the Performance Lab is going to be used in VMworld, I am stoked again. There is so much value in the lab, folks. Seriously, it is a great introduction and review of ESX/vSphere performance. Plus, Ravi and Balaji give awesome performances.

I know that most people are spending their time getting their schedules ready. So, please find some time to squeeze in TA8129 into your schedule. You won’t be sorry!

Remember: look at this blog and/or @arctic_99 (for those Twitter savvy people) for VMworld updates!


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