Your local VMUG

While it is fresh on my mind, I would like to take a moment and some space in your mind to promote your local VMware User Group (Alias: VMUG).

It turns out that being a member of your local VMUG is more than a free lunch and some time away from the office. There are excellent benefits for signing up and joining.

  • Unlike the Military, you are not committed for 3 years… but, VMware does offer training bootcamps.
  • Networking with local users. These guys may have environments 1000x larger than you do, but they also experience the same problems you do (just x1000). Pull up a chair and start talking. It is amazing how much you can learn and teach someone in a couple minutes.
  • Product information. VMware regularly sends representatives to VMUG meetings to discuss new releases, answer questions, etc… Vendors also send representatives to meetings for presentations. Note: the typical vendor presentation is not SUPPOSED to be sales based… but, you cannot get away from that sometimes.
  • Training. Very recently, <toot own horn> the Portland VMUG (of which I am on the core planning team) led a massively useful Performance Lab. Ravi and Balaji, from VMware Performance and API teams, respectively, flew into town and blew the socks off of everyone in attendance. </toot own horn>
  • Cool VMworld button, shirt, and lunch. VMworld loves to acknowledge participation in your local VMUG. So, what a better way than to give you a button for your lanyard, a nifty “LOOK AT ME, I AM IN A VMUG” t-shirt, and a special VIP VMUG lunch.
    • Snarkyness aside, the recognition is very nice!

Check out the VMUG site at:

If you are already a VMUG member, good job to you. I’ll see you in the VIP lunch. If you are not, please take a minute to signup (or signup at VMworld) and join… and let me know if you do!


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