VMworld 2010 – Be there or be square (better believe I am a square)

So, with VMworld coming up (a mere 1 week away), I am really excited about everything going on.

The sessions, labs, announcements, and events going on are enough to make a virtual-geek like myself feel like Christmas Eve!

Last year was my first experience at VMworld and I loved every minute of it. However, I was rolling solo. I met some nice people while I was there, but that is about it. This year, though, I would like that to change… I want to meet a bunch of people and experience the event at a whole new level.

God willing, the following are the sessions I intend on attending while in SF:


TA7743 ESX iSCSI News, Configuration, and Best Practices
TA8595 Virtual Network Concepts and Best Practices
TA8102 Tuning Linux for Virtual Machines
DV7500 VDI Assessment and Migration
DV7757 VMware View Technical Overview


EA7850 Design, Deploy, and Optimize Microsoft SQL 2008
TA7962 Modern Networking in a Virtualized Environment
TA7171 Performance Best Practices for vSphere
DV7701 Embracing Employee Owned Mobile Phones – The Why and How


TA6720 Troubleshooting using ESXTOP for Advanced Users
EA6705 Best Practices for Virtualizing Active Directory
EA7849 Design, Deploy, and Optimize Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 on vSphere
DV7180 ThinApp: What’s New and Future Vision
MA7528 VMware vCenter Server: Operational Best Practices in the Datacenter
DV9540 Case Study & Live Demo of View 4.x in an Enterprise Production Environment…


EA7061 Creating an Internal Oracle Database Cloud Using vSphere
ALT3003 VMware vSphere Performance and Tuning
ALT3001 VMware vCenter Site Recover Manager – Extended Config & Troubleshooting

As far as labs are concerned, I would love to hit the following labs:

Lab03 ThinApp 4.6
Lab08 AppSpeed
Lab11 SRM Installation and Config
Lab12 SRM Extended Config and Troubleshooting
Lab24 vSphere Performance and Tuning
Lab25 vSphere Troubleshooting
Lab26 vSphere PowerCLI
Lab30 Sandbox

Plus, I feel like VMware really has some awesome things up their sleeves. I am expecting the keynote on Tuesday to be awesome! Don’t let me down VMware!

While I am in SFO, you can get my updates via the Twitters (@arctic_99) and via the Blog – I should be easy to find. I’ll be the guy with his laptop posting updates online 🙂

Let me know if you’re going to be at VMworld and maybe we can high-5 between sessions!


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